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Aug 30, 2022

"St. Rose Church Liturgical Choir" seeking new members

The “St. Rose Church Liturgical Choir” embellishes the music at our liturgies from approximately September through early June, mostly at the Sunday 9:30am mass, on religious holidays, and special liturgical events.

While the choir strives to sing a wide variety of 4-part anthems on a weekly basis, all that is really needed is basically an in-tune singing voice that can blend well with others, a very basic note-reading ability, a willing musical spirit, and the desire to be part of this very friendly and dedicated group. Rehearsals will take place on most Thursday evenings (September-May) from 7pm until 8:15pm in choir loft. The choir maintains a very well organized library, and a website where members may go to listen and practice their parts between rehearsals and Sunday morning.

So if you are a teenager or older, are looking to expand your musical abilities and interests beyond the congregation, or the high school choir, and long to sing your praises to the Lord in a way that is both dynamic and deeply spiritual, please consider joining our musical ranks.

If you know of anyone in your family or in your circle of friends who like to sing, and may benefit from this invitation, please pass it along to them. Our choir is not just limited to St. Rose parishioners. And, like many church choirs, we are always looking especially for more male voices.

Rehearsals will begin on Thursday, September 8th, 7-8:15pm,  and first Sunday mass, September 11th, 9:30am mass.

If you might be interested in joining, or would like more information, please feel free to email our Music Director, Joseph Jacovino or stop in the choir loft after any Sunday mass to speak with him directly.